The insurance for your horse.

At HippoHorseInsurance we understand the responsibility that comes with owning a horse or pony. That is why we are the specialist in horse insurance. With our underlying experience, knowledge and passion for horses, we offer high-quality insurance at a competitive premium.

Your horse insurance can be supplemented with health insurance and other additional options. Whether it concerns basic insurance, medical expenses, theft or fire, your horse or pony is in good hands with us.

With HippoHorseInsurance you are never alone. Our permanent team is ready to answer all your questions and offer you personal advice. Choose confidence and peace of mind for your horse at HippoHorseInsurance, the specialist in horse insurance.

Gerrit ter Harmselowner of Stud Station and Animal Clinic Enterbrook
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"A beloved mare of ours had died after foaling. When something like this happens, you don't immediately think of insurance. A few months after the loss, I flipped through her papers and realized she was insured. Then it was paid out after all"
Lineke Bussingrides dressage with her horse Krypton B.
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“The contact is really about my horse and not about a product. You notice that they are real horse people, who also know about the emotions that play when there is something wrong with your horse”