Stud insurance.

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Extent of your coverage.

This policy provides cover for damage caused by:

  • sudden death or emergency slaughter of the stallion as a direct result of an acute illness or accident
  • permanent incapacity of the stallion to mate and/or fertilise as a result of illness or accident
  • theft

Note! This insurance does not cover permanent incapacity due to lameness!

Stud Insurance can be taken out for stallions which have been approved for the breeding service in accordance with the studbook in question.

Additional coverage extensions.

In addition to the general supplementary options, there are a number of specific extension options on the Stud Insurance (only for non-draught horses):

  • coverage for permanent incapacity for on-site AI
  • coverage for permanent incapacity for remote AI
  • cover for permanent incapacity as a riding horse (‘sports horse risk’)
  • cover for the costs of a colic operation, including the associated hospitalisation up to a maximum of € 2,500 per insurance year (Stud Plus Insurance).

The permanent incapacity supplement for riding horses also covers permanent incapacity due to lameness, which is not included in the regular stud insurance. The insurance of the sports horse risk is based on a XXX. Please contact us for more information about the possibilities or a free quote.



We pay the following compensation:

  • 100% of the insured value in the event of acute death, emergency slaughter or theft
  • 90% of the insured value in the event of permanent incapacity

If your stallion is not completely infertile, but is no longer suitable for on-site AI and/or remote AI, a partial payment is made if this risk is co-insured. Please read the terms and conditions of the Stud Insurance for the details of this scheme.


The premium is calculated as a percentage of the insured value of your stallion. The table below shows the annual premiums excluding costs and insurance tax. Use the calculation tool to work out your individual premium.

Horse type Horse / Pony Draft horse
% of insured value 3.75% 7.50%
Surcharge company KI +0.25% not possible
Surcharge for shipping KI +0.25% not possible

The minimum premium is € 30 per year.

Request insurance.

Applications for this insurance policy require:

  • a fully completed and signed application form
  • submission of a sperm report from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Utrecht or Ghent (Belgium) (max. 6 weeks old).

Further acceptance requirements are determined individually, depending on the type of coverage chosen and other factors. Contact us for further information.

Conditions & insurance card.

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