Castration insurance.

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Extent of your coverage.

This policy provides cover for damages occurring within 30 days of castration:

  • sudden death or emergency slaughter as a direct result of castration carried out by an authorised veterinarian

This risk is co-insured up to and including the second year of life if your horse is insured under a basic policy and has normally developed genitalia.

This policy is therefore intended for horses that are uninsured or are more than 2 years old.

Compensation for damages.

The compensation amounts to 100% of the insured value of your horse.


The premium for this policy is 1.6% of the insured value of your horse.

The insured value may amount to a maximum of € 50,000, unless your horse is already insured with us, on an ongoing basis, for a higher value. You pay a single premium for the entire term of this policy.

Request insurance.

Submitting a Castration Insurance Application Form is sufficient to apply for this insurance.

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