Our stallions are worth a lot

Studstation and Veterinary Clinic Enterbrook combines horse breeding with a veterinary clinic that specializes in horses. Owner Gerrit ter Harmsel has been insuring his breeding horses and horses that have to undergo surgery for years with HippoHorseInsurance.

Fortunately, nothing bad happens. Nevertheless, Gerrit ter Harmsel thinks it is a good idea that his stallions are insured. “Our stallions are worth a lot. Of course something can always happen.”

In addition, the owners of the horses that are operated on in the veterinary clinic can take out insurance for the procedure with HippoHorseInsurance through Enterbrook. “We offer our customers this option because it is a reliable insurance policy. Most people want that, especially because the low premium of 1.6% of the horse’s value nicely covers the risk.”

Fast processing and personal contact

Gerrit ter Harmsel believes that the great advantage of HippoHorseInsurance is the fast processing and the personal contact. “For example, if we have questions about what is or is not covered by insurance, I immediately get a clear answer on the phone. This also allows us to quickly provide our customers with clarity.”

An event from years ago is still vivid in his mind. “A beloved mare of ours had died after foaling. When something like this happens, you don’t immediately think of insurance. A few months after the loss, I flipped through her papers and realized she was insured. Then it was still paid.”

You notice that they are real horse people

Krypton B. is one of the few KWPN horses who is outside 24 hours a day in a ‘paddock paradise’. Owner Lineke Bussing from Renkum likes to make conscious choices for her 6-year-old gelding. Comprehensive insurance with HippoHorseInsurance was one of them.

“I like the idea that there is financial coverage when it is needed. Not only with big things, but also with more frequent inconveniences. For example, I find lameness important to insure, which is why I opted for a more extensive package. Lameness is a regular occurrence in horses, so you want to have that well taken care of.”

The reason Lineke chose HippoHorseInsurance is the contact involved. “The contact is really about my horse and not about a product. You notice that they are real horse people, who also know about the emotions that play when there is something wrong with your horse.”

She finds another big plus that the HippoHorseInsurance employees bring clarity to difficult situations. “When the vet had to come, I called in advance about what compensation I could expect for the suspected condition. They knew immediately which treatment was reimbursed. That helped me in contact with the vet and in making choices.”