Statutory liability.

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Extent of your coverage.

This insurance provides cover if you, as the owner, are held liable for damage caused by your horse to third party/parties. This damage consists of:

  • Personal injury:damage caused by and/or as a result of injury, damage to the health or death of third party/parties.
  • Property damage:damage caused by and/or as a result of damage, destruction or loss of property of third party/parties.

Note! Damage other than personal injury or damage to property is excluded.

Third party/parties: anyone with the exception of you, your spouse or registered partner, and those who live with you in a family context or who lodge with you.


  • It is possible that this risk is covered by your personal liability insurance. However, this is not always the case! We advise you to check with your insurer first to avoid taking out unnecessary insurance.
  • This policy is only valid within the Netherlands. Damage caused outside the Netherlands is not co-insured.
  • The policy does not cover damage caused by or during trotting and other races as well as damage to goods that you transport, use or have in your possession.

Compensation .

In the event of damage there is a payment of a maximum of € 500,000 per event. Read more about the coverage in the terms and conditions of our Third Party Liability Insurance.


The premium for this insurance is € 30 per year.

Request insurance.

To apply for this insurance it is sufficient to state this on the application form.

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